Sessions with Jaime Parnell

What happens in a session

Before each session you will complete an Outcome Rating Scale that measures how you are going; how things are going in your family; how things are going in your school/ work; and overall how things are going. This helps us to track your wellbeing. After the session you will complete a Session Rating Scale that measures how the session went for you. It is very important to give feedback to our service so that we can continue to improve and match your sessions to you individually.

toms_logo_medYou will also use a goal tracking system for each session and will be
provided a workbook to help monitor your own goals and progress.

What to bring

Before your first session- please bring along a copy of your mental health care plan, you will also be posted an intake pack that consists of a booklet for the parent and also the child. Please bring these along to the first session. If the session is covered by NDIS we only require a copy of the NDIS number, start and end dates of the plan, and the goals.

What will we do

During the session, we will do different activities that are focused on the goals identified by your doctor, NDIS, or paediatrician. We will tailor these goals so that they fit for you and your family. We will monitor and review the goals each session to make sure that we are making change and you are feeling supported with our Clientlink computer system.

At the end of session, we will create a “practice” task or “show that I can” task so that you have a clear idea of what to practice between our sessions. You will be provided a workbook to help track these goals and individual tasks.

Appointments with Jaime Parnell
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Sessions with Jaime Parnell