Assessments take from two hours onwards and depending on the age and capability of the person may be done in smaller time slots. I can provide a range of psychological assessment services including:

Jaime Parnell ResourcesCognitive and Intellectual Assessment
Cognitive and Intellectual Assessments involves testing of a person’s cognitive abilities. This is sometimes called IQ testing and identifies strengths and weaknesses in a person’s cognitive abilities.

Jaime Parnell ResourcesAcademic and Scholastic Assessment
Academic and Scholastic Assessments involves testing a person’s academic abilities, that is what their school levels are currently. Combined with cognitive testing this can identify learning disorders and direct interventions that are individualised.

Jaime Parnell ResourcesAutistic Spectrum Disorder Assessment
Autistic Spectrum Disorder Assessments involve testing for autism spectrum disorder and provides interventions and support with diagnosis when going to a paediatrician.

Jaime Parnell ResourcesFunctional Assessment
Functional Assessments involves looking at the current behaviours where there are difficulties and identifies the function of these behaviours and interventions that will support the decrease of these behaviours.

Jaime Parnell ResourcesAttention Assessment
Attention Assessments involves testing of attention abilities that are consistent with ADHD.

Jaime Parnell ResourcesDiagnostic Assessment 
Diagnostic Assessments involves a full screening when clients are unsure if they meet the criteria for any disorders as outlined by the DSM 5.

Jaime Parnell ResourcesGroup programs
Group programs are run in small groups with a maximum of 8 and focus on different skills. These can include basic social skills to interventions for specific disorders including anxiety and separation anxiety.


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